How do I gain access to the AABB Exchange?

In order to access the AABB Exchange for web-version use, please go to https://aabbexchange.com/trade/ Then, on the right side of the monitor, click on “Log In or Register Now to trade“. Once you have clicked on it, you will see the Log In page for the web version of AABB Wallet. Access AABB Wallet on your mobile device, go to the “More” tab, click on “Web QR Access” and scan the QR Code on your monitor. Then, create a temporary password for your access. Once this all has been completed, you will then be connected to the AABB Exchange with your account. Once you have accessed your wallet, click on Trade in the Menu. There, you will see the Chart with the ability to place a Buy or Sell order.

How do I place a trade?

To place an Order in the AABB Exchange, first connect your account to the AABB Exchange. Once this has been done, you need to ensure that you have funds present in your Wallet. If you already have AABBG, SHIB, or USDT, then you are able to place a Buy or Sell order within the Exchange. Go to the Trade menu, click at the top on the trading pair that you want to trade (AABBG/SHIB, or AABBG/USDT). The chart will then load with the Order Book on the right side. To the right of the Order Book, you will see a Place Order section. If this section is not visible please, zoom out/in in the Browser. Click on Buy or Sell, depending on if you are looking to Buy SHIB for AABBG (or USDT for AABBG) or to Sell AABBG for SHIB (or AABBG for USDT).

Once you have done this, click on ‘Market’ in order to buy/sell the currency at the current optimal market price, or click on ‘Limit’ in order to buy/sell it at a manual price that has been decided by you. Below, you will see an “Available” field which displays the Account from which the tokens/coins will be allocated, below it will say a “Select a Blockchain Fee Account” allowing users to select BTC or ETH for their blockchain fee, and then below it will say Price. If you are placing a ‘Market’ order, then this field will not be accessible, however if you are placing a ‘Limit’ order, then here you will be able to enter the price at which you want to buy/sell the tokens/coins for. In the Amount field, enter the number of SHIB/AABBG/or USDT (depending on the trading pair and if its a Buy or Sell order) you are looking to buy/sell. Below, it will show you the Transaction Fee, the Total price you will be paying to place the order (which can be cancelled under ‘Open Orders’, at the bottom of the monitor, until it has been filled), alongside your Blockchain Fee. Then click on the Buy/Sell button below to place the Order.

What's the difference between the Market Trade and the Limit Exchange?

With Market Trade, you get the opportunity to quickly buy and sell at the best prices. You don’t have to choose the value you want to sell or buy as the platform will do it for you.

With Limit Exchange, you get the opportunity to set the price for which you want to buy or sell. You will predict the sale or purchase of your order. As a best practice, this functionality is used by traders.

How do I cancel a trade?

In the AABB Exchange section of the AABB Wallet, at the bottom you will see an “Open Orders” and a “Order History” section. In the Open Orders section, you will see all the Orders you have placed that have either been fully filled or partially filled. Click on “Cancel” to the right of the trade to then cancel the order.

How many trades can I place?

You are not limited to the number of trades you can place, it all depends on how much funds you have in your AABB Wallet.