Merchant API

How it works

The Payment Gateway is an online cryptocurrency payment processing solution. It enables you to accept cryptocurrencies worldwide on your website or mobile app. Begin accepting crypto payments on your website, with the ability to accept major crypto coins, and start selling products online in minutes. Your website will receive full user payment information immediately after payment is made – you can even process it in automatic mode!

Step 1

Seller registers an account with PayAABB website.

Step 2
They receive Public and Private API keys to authenticate requests and protect sellers from fraud.
Step 3
Seller places a button, such as ‘Buy with BTC’, and wraps the button with the HTML tag.
Step 4

Once the button is clicked, the client is redirected to the PayAABB Payment Gateway page where they can make a payment using any crypto wallet.

Step 5

Payment is processed. When payment is complete, PayAABB Payment Gateway confirms the payment with the payer and makes an HTTP request to the Seller’s website with all payment details.

Over 100+ cryptocurrencies accepted
Bitcoin Cash

…and many more

Install the PayAABB Payment Gateway!

If you are planning on integrating our API or Plugins into your business model, you will need to first create a PayAABB account.

This can all be done via your smartphone or desktop. Once you create a merchant account, you will then be able to fill in the necessary forms and receive the API Key.

Why PayAABB Merchant?
Instant Transactions

Having your customer wait more than 1 minute for a crypto transaction to process increases customer turnover. Keep your customers happy with the PayAABB Payment Gateway where all internal transactions are instantaneous.

0.99% Transaction Fee

For all internal (domestic or international) transactions, we only charge 0.99% in the currency of the transaction. No gas fees.

Security is Our Priority

We take the security of our clients very seriously. Expect high-tech security with full encryption of all transactions within the platform. No one will ever know how much you have in a specific account.

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